True Ramsey and Maria Stories(Daddy Rant….)

Just checking out the news and saw this.  Man,  what Planet is Carson from?  He said that slaves were underpaid immigrants.  Underpaid immigrants.  Damn and here I thought slaves were brought here against their will.  Of course, I heard that Frederick Douglas was still alive, too.  Man, Mr . 45’s cabinet is gotta be the stupidest thing I have ever seen.  We got folks who talked to Russians, but forgot.  We have a person running The Department of Education who has never taught a class.  As a matter of fact, has she even taught a Sunday School Class?  Then we have people trying to say The previous President said the same thing.  Talk about the return of kiddie s—.  I don’t know what to say.  I’m just saying…this has been brought to you by the good folks at Political-Hop(tellin’ it like it T-I and is….)

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