True Ramsey and Maria Stories(Daddy Rant…..)

Just checking out the news and saw this.  Over the last few weeks a few States have passed religious freedom laws.  The basis is so that businesses can legally deny service to Gay individuals.  Okay, I understand what The Bible says against homosexuality.  As for me I love women sooo much, not gonna work for me.  NOPE….NADA, for the kid.  But years ago weren’t those same rules used against Blacks.  Under the basis of religion Black were persecuted as the cursed race.  Yeah I know the bible states homosexuality is an abomination.  As a matter of its just a point blank  fact in the bible for homosexuality vs the cursed race argument in the bible.  In the cursed race argument if you read the entire passage it clears everything up.  However,  who out there is without sin.  Help me, who is without sin?  Who am I to judge with all my faults?  Who are the states trying reserve judgement on people only The Most High can judge?  He who is without cast the first stone….still waiting….still waiting…still waiting…this has been brought to you by the good folks at Political-Hop(tellin ‘ it like it T-I is….)


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