True Ramsey and Maria Stories(Daddy Rant….)

You know in life you hear dumb things, but some things make just say, “Damn, really????”  Today I read an article about a representative from the state of Nevada.  This person said racism is dead due to the fact we have a Black president.  This dummy El dummo was trying to make a point while making it harder to vote.  I really wish ut was dead, but we all have race, lifestyle or gender issues.  I work on mine constantly.  The fool who says there ain’t an issue is just that a fool….this has been brought to you by the good folks at Political-Hop(tellin’ it like it T-I is….)

PS:  the song for the weekend is, “Kiss you Back,” by Digital Underground.  You kiss me there, I will kiss you back…Humpty Hump..

…..and you know this, maaaaannnn!!!!!


One Response to “True Ramsey and Maria Stories(Daddy Rant….)”

  1. jdoublep Says:

    If you pinch my nose I’ll play with your toes – goddam i love some DU.

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