True Ramsey & Maria Stories(Daddy Rant….)

Today must be people say dumb stuff day.  A person on a network that rhymes with box said some silly s$$$.  This silly person implied that you can tell a criminal by the tone off their skin.  Hmmm, let me marinate on this.  You mean if you are say yellow you are automatically part of an oriental gang.  If you are Black you will rob folks.  If you are brown are a drug runner.  Sounds dumb don’t it.  So, wonder if these folks that say this dumb $$$$ are truly that stupid….this has been brought to you by the good folks at Political-Hop(tellin’ it like it T-I is….)

PS: the song for the weekend is, “Broken”, by Pantera.  R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell…


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