True Ramsey & Maria Stories(Daddy Rant…..)

You know just watching this mess in Missouri unfold and it is ugly.  Being in Texas, watching the effects of this hit home is somewhat mind boggling.  This has made me look at myself and the way I view police and the way I’m perceived.  I was raised to respect the law and the people who enforce it.  Always have and always will do that.  However, in the same lessons I was taught to fear them, as well.  Fear the ones who enforce the law.  I was taught that I was a target because of my skin color. Respect the law, but fear it all at once.  Funny huh!?!  I’ve never been in jail.  Never had a record.  I’ve had a few speeding tickets, but that’s it.  However, when I walk out I feel like I a target on my back.  I don’t speak broken english.   Have a good job, but my target is still on my back.  My friends are not gang bangers or drug pushers, but we have the same target.  However, there is a group of people out there who think that its ok for me to think that way in fear.  The thing is its not the police want that mind set its the folks who control our socio-economic climate.  Don’t believe me look at television and how the protesters are being viewed.  Really look at both sides and truly see what is at the root of my community vs law enforcement.  Now can I place all the blame on others, yes. But I would be lying wouldn’t I.  However, we as a people have been taken cared of and now we are seeing that the people who took care of us want to stop.  Like I said we are part of the blame because we have become lazy.  The otherside is to blame because they have let us become lazier each generation.  Now we have Missouri, the heart of America also being the heart of a debate that needs to happen.  Im just stating the obvious……this has been brought to you by the good folks at Political-Hop(tellin it like it T-I is……)

PS:  the song for the weekend is, “The Prayer,” by Racola.  This is a serious underground hit.  Most people listen to because of the bass on it.  But he details his prayer trying to live oppression all around him.  These days his song hits home….Check it out…


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