True Ramsey Stories(Daddy Rant…..)

So know the plane was forced to land in afganistan.  I already told you guys I’m confused now I’m just lost.  What’s going on with this thing?  Was it terrorism or not.  Did the pilot joyride to another country or what.  Stay tuned this story will get more confusing before it clears up…..this has been brought to you by the good folks at Political-Hop(tellin’ it like it T-I is…..)

PS:  The song for the weekend is, “Justify My Love,” by Madonna tje reap material girl.   Enough said…..

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One Response to “True Ramsey Stories(Daddy Rant…..)”

  1. Invisible Mikey Says:

    Because the plane continued “pinging” satellites, with no other communication, there was most likely an event involving explosive decompression of the cabin, after which the plane full of unconscious (and some dead) people continued flying on autopilot until it crashed. If it had gone to another country, there would have been some other form of radio contact or cell transmissions from passengers. But it was completely silent while traveling for hours.

    The explosion could have been a terrorist action of miscalculated intensity, or a blameless mechanical failure in the plane’s torso. No way to know until they find the wreck.

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