True Ramsey Stories(Daddy Rant….)

This one will be easy.  What in da’ hell? Another school shoothing.  How is it people are able to get a weapon in or around a school to begin with.  Damn last year it was the elementary school and now a high school.  Things are really crazy when school shootings and they still send a chill down my spine.  I just can’t grasp things like this taking place.  Okay sue me I can be a softie.  Anyway, keep the guys in Colorado on your prayers…..this has been brought to you by the good folks at Political-Hop(tellin’ it like it T-I is……)

PS:  The song for the weekend is, “Don’t Curse,” by the late Heavy D.  Pete Rock production was fly…….Enjoy…..

Another Post from The One and The Only Scratchatary……


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