True Ramsey Stories(Daddy Rant…..)

Okay today is still a day of mourning.  It has been a crazy week for deaths, huh?  Mr. Walker died of his car crash.  Then Mr. Mandela passed.  Both deaths touched people.  Walker because of The Fast and The Furious movies.  His energy during the movies was irreplaceable.  How will thos franchise continue?  Also, we need to pray for his daughter who he just got custody of.  Mandela his impact was worldwide.  His struggle for civil rights was already legendary.  Add to that his 27 year imprisonment for fighting for his beliefs.  This week we are in mourning.  As we should be because of the impacts they made on us……this been brought to us by the good folks at Political-Hop(tellin’ it like it T-I is…….)

PS:  The song for the weekend is, “Love’s in need of Love Today,” by the great Stevie Wonder.  Just chill and reminense about the two we lost…..

Another Post from The One and The Only Scratchatary……


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